An easier way to understand current trends in P.T. and health: PT podcasts!!!

by berkeleypt, July 30, 2015

As P.T. moves along with the rest of the medical world to a more evidence based system of care, it can be difficult for people not part of the health care system (and people part of the system), to understand or follow the vast amount of research. ┬áBut here I present an easier way: Podcasts. If you need a break from reading interesting, yet dense articles, to tease out the important new treatment methods or theoretical systems try sitting back and listening to the podcasts on the link below. It includes information on everything from vestibular disorders, fitness trends, to OA of the knee and P.T. treatment for Parkinson’s Disease.


Enjoy while you drive, sip your coffee, or take your morning run!

Hope this helps!


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