Berkeley Community Physical Therapy is an incredible resource within the East Bay Community. The location is so convenient – two blocks from the Downtown Berkeley BART station! I can’t believe they take my insurance. I’ve gotten into so much credit card debt with other providers as no one wants to deal with insurance companies anymore.

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Janet Soto, the owner of Berkeley Community Physical Therapy, is an amazing practitioner with a huge heart. She’s very knowledgeable and thorough in her treatment plan. She’s flexible with her approach, including traditional hands-on therapy and also alternative cupping treatment. She invested in a top-of-the-line Pilates reformer so that her Pilates trained staff can provide a state-of-the-art treatment program to patients.

I am so grateful to Janet and her staff. Thank you!


[Negeene] has been treating me quite successfully on improving my strength and balance after my spinal operation. She is the best therapist I have ever had, she has a wonderful knowledge of what is wrong with me and treats me patiently and kindly. Her personality shows concern and I always feel her sincerity. I am so lucky to have her and trust her completely.


I have been seeing Allan Horwitz for physical therapy for the last 20 years. He has pulled me out of some very difficulty injuries. I consider him to be on the foreground of my profession. He is compassionate and a good listener. He is trained in musculoskeletal dysfunction in both diagnosis and treatment. He is constantly studying and upgrading his knowledge. Being myself a physical therapist I believe him the one who has excellence in the field of physical therapy.


I have Allan Horwitz to thank for helping me though a number of conditions over the years. He is a terrific practitioner – really exceptional.

I’d seen a number of physical therapists before Allan was recommended to me. Once I was treated by him, I saw what a remarkable difference a single therapist can make. Allan excels at every aspect of treatment – assessing a problem, treating it in a hands-on way in the office, proposing ergonomic strategies to address it at home, and presenting a client with exercises to help alleviate the problem in daily life.

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He is a very attentive listener and a sensitive person; he’s therefore able to customize his approach to the particular needs of each patient. Because he’s alert to the individuality of each patient, he doesn’t give cookie-cutter prescriptions for care, but rather adjusts each treatment and exercise to the specifics of who his client is and what that client can do. And because he keeps abreast of research in physical therapy, Allan’s advice is always current – consistent with the best practices in the field.

Finally, Allan is an excellent teacher: he makes sure that you understand how to do the exercises he prescribes. He understands that if you’re not doing exercises properly or you’re not confident about your technique, you won’t pursue your treatment program outside of the office. He therefore makes physical therapy a collaborative experience.

Because of my history with Allan, I’ve referred a number of other people to him. All of them have made real progress working with him, and they, in turn, have recommended him to their friends. Allan is a seasoned professional with a deft hand and a quick intelligence. He is also a pleasant person whose working style helps to ease a patient’s anxiety. I have absolute trust in his expertise, and I feel fortunate to be under his care.


Janet has been working with me on my torn labrum & rotator cuff shoulder rehabilitation. I went into surgery with a short recovery prognosis mindset, and they found more than anticipated. She’s been inspirational in terms of getting my range of motion back as well as a positive influence in my progress, both physical and emotional. Janet has the ability to push me to find the balance and fine line between doing too much or doing too little.


I recently completed a series of patient appointments with Allan Horwitz for my back. Being 78+ I have had PT for the same or similar purposes before. I was extremely impressed with Allan’s knowledge, concern for me and the suggestions he made that have helped greatly. It was easily the finest PT experience I have ever had and commend him and your entire practice.


Berkeley Community Physical Therapy is the best place to go for me in my many sports related injury recovery programs. This time Janet Yamada Soto was the P.T. and I see why she is in charge. She is compassionate and has kept me at ease with a charming manner that shows in her work.


Once I had physical therapy referrals from my orthopedic surgeon, my consulting physiatrist told me to take his report to each of the physical therapy offices on my approved list and ask them if they had anyone trained to work on a shoulder like mine. I went through two offices, both said they did not but the third said, ‘I don’t, but I know who does – his name is Allan Horwitz and he’s at Berkeley P.T.’ What a gift that was – if I would have not done that, I would have just gotten an assignment from the floor that most probably hurt more than helped. Now I have continued with Allan as a private pay so that I can continue to keep this shoulder as flexible and strong as it can be.


Janet Yamada Soto is the best! She is knowledgeable and compassionate and always helps me feel better.


[Negeene] has been treating me quite successfully on improving my strength and balance after my spinal operation. She is the best therapist I have ever had, she has a wonderful knowledge of what is wrong with me and treats me patiently and kindly. Her personality shows concern and I always feel her sincerity. I am so lucky to have her and trust her completely.


Having worked with several physical therapists for a shoulder condition, I was pleasantly surprised at my first visit. An in-depth evaluation was made, followed by contact with my physician. My weekly visits always included a home exercise program and detailed movements of my progress. Although time was tight, I was never rushed. I felt ‘special’ – like the therapist really cared that I recovered properly. In short it felt like ‘old fashioned’ medicine with a dedicated care giver.


Janet’s knowledge and expertise are unsurpassed. Her understanding of physiology and the subtleties of movement and impact on recovery are unparalleled. She is able to pinpoint motor difficulties and effectively communicate and show you how to exercise for recovery. I’ve had two knee surgeries and could not imagine not being under Janet’s care. Without her skill and knowledge I’m sure my recovery would have been protracted and I’d surely walk with a pronounced limp. Without this piece of the health care cycle, full recovery would be impossible. I recommend Janet or anyone else at Berkeley P.T.


[Negeene] I want to thank you again for taking such good care of me and for your very thoughtful and competent consideration of my condition. I was very impressed by the treatment I received from you. The work was varied and it matched where I was in terms of improvement. You are a gifted practitioner and I appreciate your genuine supportiveness.


I can’t recommend Allan highly enough – after just two sessions, he cut my pain in half. After two weeks, my back feels so much better and I am able to do my job. I had seen other physical therapists, with no improvement. There is no substitute for working with a truly excellent professional like Allan. Thank you.


I have received care from this clinic for several years, and have always been treated respectfully and courteously. I have also received absolutely excellent, professional care-consistently. [Janet Yamada Soto’s patient]


I have been lucky enough to have been a patient of Janet Soto’s for a few decades. She is a brilliant and gifted PT. Dislocated Knees, knee replacement, shoulder, wrist, spine, ankles, post-stroke symptoms I’ve had them all and she has targeted in on the therapy I needed and always had a thoughtful plan for rehabilitation.  She is knowledgeable about many modalities, eastern and western, and up on new research and techniques for rehabilitation and support. She goes the extra 100 miles for her patients. I’m so grateful.


I have seen great results and am very happy with the progress in working with Negeene as my physical therapist at BPT. She has been using new techniques she’s learned through her ongoing education and they have been very effective. My knee was crushed in a motorcycle accident 20 years ago. Multiple surgeries left my leg full of scar tissue, misshaped and with a great loss of flexibility. After working with Negeene my leg has taken on a much more normal shape and greatly improved flexibility. Just got back from a grueling bike ride. I never expected to see such a great change, so happy to be back doing my favorite things again.


Allan Horwitz:

  1. He is very thorough.
  2. Allan is very analytical and a good problem solver.
  3. He is good at attacking the problem and trying to fix it.
  4. Allan is a good teacher and understands the body.
  5. He is able to create for you a group of exercises to help you get stronger.
  6. He keeps following up to make sure you are doing the exercises correctly ad fine tunes them ad then teaches you new ones to move you forward.


Hands down, the best PT I have ever been to. Janet, is very thorough and genuinely cares about her patients. She is very knowledgeable in what she does. Her front desk staff rocks in that they great you by name when you enter and they can answer all your questions. Great place and I would strongly recommend.